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Calculating Course Handicap

The course handicap is the meat and potatoes of the USGA handicapping system. This is the very number that determines the number of strokes you get to shave off of each hole. The course handicap makes the system work because it ensures the ability of golfers of different skills to compete on a level playing field, regardless of where the round is being played. Figuring out your course handicap is quite simple. Your handicap index is compared to the slope rating of the course being played and the average slope number of 113. Here is formula you will be using: Handicap index x slope rating / 113 For example, let's use the handicap index from before on a course with a slope rating of 130:

21.4 x 130 / 113

2782 / 113 = 24.6

Remember to round to the nearest tenth.

As you can see from this example, the golfer here received additional strokes since the golf course has a high slope rating, thus making it a more difficult course than most. Can you guess what would happen if it was a course with a lower slope rating? Bingo. Remember that the handicap index and the course handicap are two very different numbers. The handicap index is the number used to figure out the course handicap, which is the actual number you use to shave off the strokes from your score.

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